tisdag 17 december 2013


Peckett McNab Suzuki GS 1000, snabb och tillförlitlig maskin som behöver en ny chaufför. Säljes gärna till race och vinnarsugen talang som vill prova Classic Racing. Att tävla med en cykel som denna är relativt billigt jämfört med modern racing. En eller två uppsättningar däck per säsong, anmälningsavgifterna till Classic är ca 1800-2000 kr, finns heller ej någon värdeminskning då den aldrig kommer bli omodern igen. Hojen är snabb och går att vinna med om man är en halvsnabb kusk, om man inte ens det kommer man på pallen. Säljes då jag vill prova annan klass och har handlat nytt projekt.

Här är lite info på engelska om knarren.

Peckett & McNab Suzuki

Raceproven bike, 7 races, one third, 6 wins and one DNF because of riders mistake.

Frame is from 1979 with framenumber 93, it is road registered in Sweden and was sold new 1981. It is possible to use this bike on public roads.

Fork is original Marzzochi 38mm

Rear shocks Öhlins

Wheels Dymag, it will be sold with front wheel in same color as rear wheel, the black is not original and not mine.

Brakes Lockheed, also original rear Lockheed will come with the bike, now is a small Brembo rear.

ISR 320mm front discs

Engine is a tuned Suzuki GS 1000 E

It was built for this season and runs very well, 114 rear wheel horsepower was dynoed in May but it is a little bit more powerful now as it has done some more miles.

Bottom of engine is stock with balanced, straightened and welded crank.

Piston is 10,25 73mm Wiseco, cylinder from GS1100 wich has thicker sleves, 1085cc.

Camshafts Andrews S2

Kibblewhite shim under bucket lifters, titanium retainers, race valve springs.

Cylinder head is ported by well known tuner.

HPI ignition, no battery needed.

Mikuni RS33 smoothbore or 34 RS flatslide, I have been running the 33s but the 34mm will probably give more power.

4-2-1 exhausts

The engine is built for reliability, with more compression, other camshafts, 4-1 and bigger carbs it would give a lot more power.

It will be sold with some spares as extra handlebars, pegs, brake and clutch levers, oil cooler.

Reason for sale is new projects, this one is finished for me. I could make it faster and a little lighter but I can´t see any point in that as it already is winning races with ease.

The bike is race ready. It can be used in sprint races, endurance if lights are mounted or as a very special road bike.

Price 100 000 kr.

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